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About me

I was born in Pesaro in 1961. My origins however are not from Marche Region but my family comes from Ferrara, place and city that, beyond my the roots, they have inspired the theme for some of my paintings. After graduation in school of art, I had various working experience in this sector but it's was only in 1986 that I definitely come to painting, opening a gallery . It's here that my works are exposed and I also cooperate with emerging artists in order to organize temporary exhibitions and workshops.

My painting doesn't exactly comes from the school of art, but from years of observation and contact with the world of the art. It also originates from a need, I would say physical, to put on a white painting that creative vein that belongs to my character. My works mirrors a lot the different states of mind that life proposes day after day to me and certainly to each one of us. However a constant is always present in my paintings: the horizon. In almost all my pictures the horizon is always clear, bright, also when in the sky there are stormy black clouds, or when the night is dark. As many paintings in the world of art, my works are full of symbols as well. The horizon symbolizes the future, while the tree (lately it appears very often in my subjects) is not anything but the desire of solidity, of roots. Usually the night I paint in my pictures is not dark but rather bright and almost always lighted by massive moons which seem bright balls supported by the trees. I have a preference for a physic painting , thick materials, colorful spaces. I don't use the spatula but I use to work with hard bristle brushes . Inaccurate brushes which place colors rather than stretch them. Color after color. Someone says that it seems my pictures almost get out of the frame, as if the subject is looking out the window.

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